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The line of mailboxes "HOME" has been designed to ensure an affordable and more standardized solution than "EUR-AL" series previously described throughout this catalog. They have been designed following "DIN rules", they comply with the European standards. This line of letter boxes permits to have in the same structure the letter box and the intercom.The mailboxes "HOME" have design, construction and characteristics summarized in the following points:
- Boxes are made of sheet metal 0,8 mm thick pre painted with polyester colors with high corrosion resistance, for all models the measure of the flush-mounted single box is unique 340 x 140 x217 mm (Width x Height x Depth);
- The front panels are made of anodized aluminum and are fixed to a plastic frame made of Polyamide (material that has excellent mechanical properties and coloration durability), they are easy to change even if already installed;
- Two colors are available as standard: the first with a black box and the front aluminum oxidized silver, or (with a small increase in price 10%) with a front anodized bronze color;Each box is sold individually packaged with a kit to attach it to another, and with a kit to suspend to the wall (or if assembled the composition);They are equipped with locks all with different encryptions (1 to 1000) and master key supplied in the event that have been lost the keys;
- On each mail insertion slit is mounted an edge to avoid collection from the anterior part;
- Push buttons are in oxidized aluminum, without any protuberance, to avoid vandalism;
- The electric contact in bronze over stainless steel is self-cleaning, guaranteed until 100000 activations;
- Transparent parts are in polycarbonate.Mailboxes "HOME" can be installed directly, walled or hung on a wall, or for better performance and aesthetics you can order accessories. We can provide a finishing frame to cover the possible break in the wall, a protective cover to be fitted in case letter boxes are attached to a wall or installed inside a gate and uprights to fix on a floor.

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