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Letter boxes EUR-AL are the result of a production aimed at the constant quality pursuit, both aesthetic and functional. This line of letter boxes permits to have in the same structure the letter box and the intercom with the result of elegance for any house. It is also possible to have only the letter box in case the customer already has the intercom part or prefers a separated solution. Letter boxes EUR-AL have the following design, structure and characteristics:
- they are all made of anodized or powder painted aluminum; corners and feet are in solid die-casted zama, realised with the under vacuum method that guarantees a greater solidity and uniform melting;
- they are painted with electrostatic powder before assembling;
- they are supplied with different locks (from 1 to 1.000) and masterkey can be requested in case keys are lost;
- boxes containing intercom equipment have a fixed lock code in order to obtain an easier assistance;
- push buttons are in anodized aluminum, without any protuberance, to avoid vandalism;the electric contact in bronze over stainless steel is self-cleaning, guaranteed until 100.000 activations;
- transparent parts are in Polycarbonate;all letter boxes are airtight, with box in hot galvanized sheet iron, resistant to the effects of bad weather and supplied with a draining board for protected versions;
- on each mail insertion slit is mounted an edge to avoid mail collection from the anterior part.
A MODEL FOR EACH REQUIREMENTLetter boxes EUR-AL have been studied and designed to satisfy all the different requirements linked to various mail dimensions; realised following the "DIN rules" (German norms on which the new European rules have been issued), they comply with the European standards.We can offer a big range of models, divided into two main series:
- "S": smaller mail insertion slit (31 x 231 mm) and deep box.
- "L ": bigger mail insertion slit (31 x 331 mm) and smaller box.Each one of these two series has a second classification:
- VERTICAL: less depth and bigger surface;
- DEEP: bigger depth and shorter surface.For these two classes there are two versions:
- ANTERIOR: anterior mail insertion and collection.
- REAR: anterior mail insertion and rear mail collection.Finally, each version has 3 subclasses:"EMBEDDING", "PROTECTED" and "WITH UPRIGHT" to satisfy any installation requirements.

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