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Modular push button panels meet the wholesalers' requirement to reduce as much as possiblestock maintaining the possibility to create a wide range of compositions using a limited number of items. After considering installation problems, these push button panels simplify and accelerate installer's job. The modules are inserted in the module frame by pressure and the whole frame is fixed to the embedding box, it has also two hinges in the left hand side corner in order to allow easy access and electric connection, as the cables can be very short. Boxes can be put side by side using joints (2 cm thickness) supplied together with the embedding box. We can supply 14 different kind of modules that allow the creation of a wide range of compositions. As spare part we can supply an additional frame to be fixed around the complete push button panel, to cover the break in the wall. All the plastic parts are in polycarbonate (solidity). Push buttons are in oxidized aluminum (unalterable finishing). Contacts are scraping self-cleaning (durability). Plain screws are supplied as standard; we can supply vandal proof screws with two holes (surcharge art. 1957) and Torks screws (surcharge art. 1956).

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